10 Things Brits Find Funny About The USA


I have been traveling around the USA for about 8 months now. Here are the funniest things about this wonderful place.

10. Ped Xing?


This sign actually means that pedestrians are crossing. The very literal meaning of “X” in this case is “Cross”. Just me?

9.  Marshmallows and Vegetables.


Imagine your Sunday Roast, not too dissimilar to the American Thanks Giving dinner. Except they put Marshmallows on their Sweet Potatoes.

8. Cigarettes at Pharmacies 

images (1)

While you are picking up your prescription you can also get a pack of 20 for around $5.

7. Trucks with Extra Wheels for No Reason!


Now, I know what you are thinking but these are a lot more common than you may think! I have seen a good few hundred on the roads over here.

6. Taxes!


I have not seen one price which has been the actual price for 8 months straight!

5. Cheese that isn’t actually CHEESE!


Cheese in America is “Cheese Culture” whatever that is. If you want real cheese you have to pay a good $10 for a small chunk. And you will not find it in the CHEESE ISLE?!

4. Card payments behind closed doors!


Chip and Pin is still new, most places wont have it. So if you are in a restaurant and pay by card they just take it away for 5 minutes and you sign a receipt. No ID needed! I could pick up someones card and use it anywhere in America no problem.

3. Paying to Recycle


So you actually have to pay to recycle! Why am I cleaning out Marmite jars in the UK for 300 million people in the USA to throw away plastic, BECAUSE IT COSTS TO RECYCLE!

2. Turning left on a light.


Turning left on a set of lights is a challenge! Green does not mean go. Green sometimes means go, or yield or stop. Sometimes Yellow means go, or yield or stop, or warning?! And then sometimes Green or Yellow will flash! I haven’t worked that out yet.

1. When and how to buy alcohol.


You cannot always simply go to a Walmart for some Vodka. Depending on your state and county within that state you can may need a specific store or specific time. Some counties are completely dry.



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