Top 10 USA Travel Destinations

During the last 8 months I have traveled the states. Let me tell you I have loved every minute. Here are my top destinations.

10. Philadelphia


A really cool city and so much history. Seeing the liberty bell was something special.

9. LA / Hollywood


Seeing the Hollywood sign and going to long beach. Walking the stars. Its a cool place to be.

8. Grand Canyon


This place knocked me for 6. When you see it you will be in owe. Its pretty incomprehensible.

7. Texas


There is so much to do in this state. Austin is the coolest city I have been to here and it has some great summer activities. Mainly swimming holes.

6. Yosemite and San Fran


Yosemite is a special place. You will never understand it until you go, so go! And San Fran is only a few hours away too.

5. Southern Utah


The National Park system is my favorite thing about the USA. It just so happens that southern Utah has some of the best ones.

4. Las Vegas


Sin City, a lot of fun but be prepared to spend a lot of cash too. Las Vegas is as fantastic as you can make it.

3. New York


Everyone should visit New York City. Residents believe its the center of the world and they might be right.

2. Orlando


The most fun place to visit. Bring the family for memories of a lifetime. (Okay this picture is Tampa but I was in Orlando for the majority of the time. Just love the picture).

1. Washington DC


My favorite, so much to see and do. Most of which is Free.

I am in the states now for another two weeks before moving on to Australia! What do you all think? Have I missed anything?


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