Want to escape? Here is my “Guide to Escaping”

Most of us sit at work or at home or even in the pub and think “god what am I doing, I should just pack my things and go”, most think about it pretty frequently. Some of us DO IT! I sat dreaming of getting away for good year after year until I eventually did. I am now a much happier (and married) man.

So how do you do it? Let me tell you.

First of all the world doesn’t end, don’t think that it will. I don’t know why you may want to escape or what you are escaping, for me it was just society in general, I wanted to live inside it but not be part of it, I didn’t want to be a consumer any more, I wanted to be a doer. But whatever your reasons are first of all you need to trust yourself and just do what makes you happy. Make the decision to do what makes you smile!

Now you have decided to leave, to up and go, to disappear into the world, sit on google for about an hour. It will make you feel great about it. Let me give you some options.

  1. Work on a cruise ship, you can do any job and be setting sail within a month of reading this article. They will look after you, you can make a new set of friends, receive training and travel the world, all with a monthly pay cheque.
  2. Get yourself a profile on workaway.info you wont regret it. You can travel and work anywhere in exchange for room and board. You may choose to stay in your own county, that’s fine, you will still feel a bit more like you are living your life.
  3. Look into working holiday visas. I can’t list them all as they differ depending on your nationality, but this is a great way to get away.
  4. Write a book! You may not be in a position to escape physically just yet but you can mentally, write a book. (While you plan your physical escape).

Just spending a night clicking from one website to another will create a path for you. Plus you will find plenty more people like me who have done it. I have been slowly disappearing into the world for two years now and I am stress free, happy, healthy and I am having the best time ever. The other great thing is everyone who has done it are incredibly keen to help others take that first step.

Next after you have decided to do it, and decided how, you need to sell everything. Well not everything but have a look around your house, or room, what really makes you happy there? Keep what makes you happy on a day to day basis, pass the rest on to others either for cash or for free. You will feel like your own person a little bit more when you remove your baggage.

Say “see you never” to the people in your life that hold you back and hold you down. And say “see you soon” to your loved ones. I love this little line “don’t look at the view and admire it, step into the view and be part of it”. When I went I left behind a girlfriend, which was hard at the time. But now I am married and she has a boyfriend. Parting ways is difficult some time but you will see them again if they are worth it. If not then they added to your life, you added to theirs, now its time to step forward.

Now when you have finally escaped stay grounded, stay smart and make it last!

Have you just read this and thought “well it would be nice but I can’t”? You can, you can and oh yea YES YOU CAN! Anybody can.

I have written a short book on this topic, take a read of it here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VWJ666Q

If you are serious about escaping go to the Facebook link at the top of the page and send a message to me. I will send you a free copy of the book!



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