10 Things Brits Find Funny About The USA

I’ve been travelling the states for a while now, I think it’s important to pass on some of the funniest things about the country. By the way I have seen some great things here already and I have fallen in love with the people here. It’s just that not a day goes by that I […]

Grand Canyon – 1 Day Guide

I arrived in the USA after a trip around Europe with my girlfriend not a week ago. We weren’t here long before we decided to take a road trip, not just any road trip but one along Route 66. Along the way happened to be The Grand Canyon, so why the hell wouldn’t we go. […]

Top 10 USA Travel Destinations

During the last 8 months I have traveled the states. Let me tell you I have loved every minute. Here are my top destinations. 10. Philadelphia A really cool city and so much history. Seeing the liberty bell was something special. 9. LA / Hollywood Seeing the Hollywood sign and going to long beach. Walking…

Top 8 New York “Must See” attractions.

8 things you absolutely have to see when you are in New York, and a few other bits and pieces along the way! (In no real order) 8. One World Trade Center and The 9/11 Memorial Now, first of all I didn’t go in and take the lift up to the top. The line was…

Darkside of WorkAway

Many of you may of heard of a website called workaway.info, let me tell you that I love it. Have just stumbled across the site back when I was in Portugal I wanted to spend my life using it. If you don’t know it you can essentially trade around 20-25 hours work a week for […]

Want to escape? Here is my “Guide to Escaping”

Most of us sit at work or at home or even in the pub and think “god what am I doing, I should just pack my things and go”, most think about it pretty frequently. Some of us DO IT! I sat dreaming of getting away for good year after year until I eventually did….