Top Tips for a CHEAP Vegas Wedding

I have read a few blogs about getting married in Vegas on the cheap but by experience they leave out some details. When adding things up at the end of their post things start to get expensive.

Me and my girlfriend planned a road trip from Dallas to Vegas and back, stopping at the traditional Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam as well as Roswell and Mesa Verde on the way back. We have done some pretty crazy things and are a very real but spontaneous couple, Vegas was the right place for us. It was a “well of course we should get married” situation. Problem was after months and months of travel we had no money so we had to do it on the cheap.

First of all when we arrived we went to get our license. Now this place is easy to find and parking was just a few dollars, I really recommend getting there early in the day. It’s open until midnight and has several rules about drunk visitors so I imagine into the evening it gets a bit busy with messed up people thinking getting married will be a laugh. The license was around $80 and took about 20 minutes.

Here’s the cool part, on the way out were a couple guys promoting their respected chapels. We spoke to a guy called “Q” who said if we went to his chapel he would get it all done for $50. We would of went there and then if it was 9/11, no one wants that an anniversary. We told him he would see us the very next day. So far that’s $130 and almost job done.

Now for the rings, gift shop it was, we wanted to have rings but even if we had millions to spend we wanted the simplest rings we could find, we are just that type of couple. We ended up in the “worlds biggest gift shop” because it’s Vegas and bought ourselves some very nice, likely fake, silver rings for $20 each. 

So the next day we took an Uber to the chapel for $10 and went inside. We were expecting to just say I do and sign some paper, but no, we had the full shebang for just $50!! We had a minister who was actually amazing, really funny. While I was stood there looking at my soon to be wife saying the whole richer and poorer stuff crying was very much a possibility. I’ve been to a few weddings and this ceremony was as good as any other. We tipped the minister $60 at the end.

We didn’t pay for photos because I mean what’s the point? Our friends were there taking pictures the whole time. All in all we spent $250 for everything and I’m so glad we did, even if we had thousands to spend and time to plan I still would of wanted to do it exactly how we did. It was perfect, you realise that money is essential but you only need to have enough to pay for the essentials.


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