12 Money Saving Travel Secrets

Who out there believe that travelling to see the world also costs the world? I did until I took the plunge. I have now been travelling for two years! (Of course I do a few bits for income). But, let me tell you the secrets!

12. Don’t believe what you here!

First of all don’t let anybody tell you that you need a lot of money to travel. You don’t! Of course you need some but not thousands. If you think you need bags of money you will end up never setting foot on that plane.

11. Be flexible and book at the cheapest time, not the right time!

Sometimes you will need to make sacrifices to travel on the cheap. You may need to travel outside of your chosen dates, but this can truly save hundreds if not thousands. You will need to be very flexible.


10. Compare hotels, then look for discount codes!

When booking a hotel or any accommodation use comparison sites, then find discount codes for that website. To help you out here is a link for $25 cash back when you complete your stay. Just book and they refund onto your card 🙂 $25 Cash Back with Booking.com

9. Workaway.info!

Okay a lot of people know about this who have travelled a little but generally the masses have no idea this site exists. Essentially you can find places all over the world and work for your room and board. Bargain! I cannot recommend this site enough. Have a look, figure out where you want to go, book the flight and off you go.

7. Groupon for activities!

Everyone knows about Groupon however it has fallen off the radar a little. In attempts to stay in business Groupon is hitting out some great deals. When you are planning your days check out Groupon and other sites to see how much you can save. You will save at least 50% on Groupon

6. Eat smartly and do your research!

When it comes to food you can save some real money if you just take a few minutes to think. You need to put yourself on a bit of a diet. Think about supermarkets and food trucks. If you are travelling for a few months a small saving per meal adds up quickly.


5. Ground Travel!

(Okay, that one didn’t need a “!”). Anyway, travelling by coach and train may be a bit of a hassle and take a lot longer but do it! You get to see a lot of wherever you are and you will save a bomb.

4. Look for free things to do!

Go to http://www.atlasobscura.com. you will find some really cool things to do that will generally be free. The site lists a lot of cool stuff that you wouldn’t normally find on trip advisor. We found the grave of Lee H Oswald, the Goonies House and loads of other things.

3. Work on a cruise ship!

This is more realistic than you may think. Pretty much anyone can find a job to do on a ship and the recruitment process is pretty quick. It is a perfect way to see the world while being paid. If you are serious about travel get a few applications sent off.


2. Be a minimalist!

Leave everything behind, travel with hand luggage only. I pretty much have everything I own in one bag. When I replace things I do it at charity shops and Goodwill. The best thing about this process is selling all your stuff! Sell it all and travel with a backpack, you will live a richer life I promise you.

1. Just do it.

Just go do it. You will inevitably find your own way after a few months. The travel bug is pretty strong, after a while you will be so keen to leave again and go somewhere new that you will save money like never before.

Have fun travelling friends, saving money while you do it means you can stay longer and go further.



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