Live without worries! The SECRET!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without worries? I mean we can all agree that worrying about something has never resolved anything let alone made any situation better.

You’ll tell me that worrying is natural. I haven’t done the science, maybe it is maybe it isn’t. But I used to worry about everything, even the tiny little things. But now I don’t. I can tell you the secret.

Before I let you in on the answer I need to ask for your help in this. You need to have a completely open mind and believe that you really can remove worries from your life. If you don’t believe it’s possible then don’t bother reading the rest. Are you ready?

Let’s think about how we feel when we worry. Maybe we are under pressure at work, or we might have fucked something up that may have a huge impact on our life or someone else’s. It feels like the world is about to end doesn’t it? Like things can’t get any better and that you have no idea how you’ll get through something.

I am pretty sure you will be able to remember that feeling very easily, but can your remember why you might of felt like this? Much harder to remember specifics isn’t it? That’s because no matter how bad something was you managed to get through it, often things are much better than you thought there may of been.

So here is the secret, when you start to worry or panic or care far too much or stress about something in the here and now throw yourself two months forward. A relative short space of time isn’t it? It’s easy to picture yourself not even remembering what all the fuss was about isn’t it? All the issues and problems in our lives have been resolved, in one way or another.

In the here and now things seem impossible however in the future looking back everything disappears and it’s forgotten about. Next time you start to worry look forward and think “I won’t even remember this in a couple of months”. Then do whatever needs to be done with a clear head.

Just to hammer this point home you can remember worrying in the past but can you remember what you worried about or why? It is likely not no. Things wont matter in a few months, why should they now? You have the capabilities to resolve issues, you have already done it for your entire life. Live worry free!



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