12 Money Saving Travel Secrets

Who out there believe that travelling to see the world also costs the world? I did until I took the plunge. I have now been travelling for two years! (Of course I do a few bits for income). But, let me tell you the secrets! 12. Don’t believe what you here! First of all don’t let anybody…

Top Tips for a CHEAP Vegas Wedding

I have read a few blogs about getting married in Vegas on the cheap but by experience they leave out some details. When to adding things up at the end of their post things start to get expensive. Me and my girlfriend planned a road trip from Dallas to Vegas and back, stopping at the […]

3 Reasons to Leave Your Job

If you wake up in the morning and don’t look forward to starting your day because you have to go to work here is a little read for you. We have limited days on this earth, regardless of how many we have left, it’s is limited to a certain amount. We can’t buy more, we […]

This will make you want to TRAVEL!

People have long said that there is a divide in humanity. Those who do things and those who don’t. It has been mentioned that 5% of the world have the ability to do whatever they want! Generally the things the other 95% of people say they can’t do. So for example if you are in…

Top 7 National Parks

Okay so I haven’t been to them all, but I have been to a lot. Here are my top 7 for your review. Let me know what you think 🙂 Before we get going with this over opinionated list let me just say by god if you haven’t been to a National Park please go!…

Top 6 USA road trip secrets!

So far I have been to about half of the 50 states out here in the USA (more than most Americans which is a shame). All have been visited on the road in one car, a little Mazda 3. While driving around I have discovered a few bits and bobs that I wish I knew…

Live without worries! The SECRET!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without worries? I mean we can all agree that worrying about something has never resolved anything let alone made any situation better. You’ll tell me that worrying is natural. I haven’t done the science, maybe it is maybe it isn’t. But I used to worry about […]