Learn to LIVE life.

Living life, that’s one hell of a cliche isn’t. How many times have you heard something like “life is for living” or Live each day as if its your last”? A fair amount yea? Even if not directly said to you we hear it and read it in various types of media out there.

I mean the logic is real simple isn’t it? But in reality it’s very hard to actually put this into practice. Have a look back at your life first of all, do you think you have fully lived it? So for me I worked in sales for 7 years and worked my way up, thinking I needed money to travel, and then in turn promotions for money. Then I found out that money isn’t the key. Anyway I figured that out and since that day I have worked on a Cruise Ship, at a kids camp in Texas and a Ski Resort in California. I’ve seen countless countries and cities and met some incredible people from all over the world. I started work at 16, my life didn’t begin until I was 26. It only began at 26 because I decided I wanted it to begin. It truly took me ten years to take that leap. So don’t worry if it has take you some time too.


So how do we do it? How do we live life? Lets start by understanding how hard it is. Everyone you know is likely in the same boat except maybe a few long lost friends that pop up on your Facebook having the time of their lives seemingly doing a new thing every week. So everyone around you is doing what you are doing. Imagine a sheep being herded up by a sheep dog, it takes a very brave sheep to split from the pack and go the other way. So that’s right, we learn to live our lives in the way we want to by being brave.

So now we know that if we can be brave we can start to live our life. Its basically having the courage to step outside the box, away from society. But then of course the question is about how we can become brave. Because obviously if we were already brave enough we wouldn’t be reading this blog. So bravery, lets look at that. Picture a man at the top of a big huge cliff, thousands of feet in the air. The man has a parachute and knows he will be safe but still its scary. There really are only one of two things needed for the man to jump, bravery, or a complete lack of care.


Bravery can be linked to your cares and worries very closely. So my advice to you is more of a question. Your life is ticking by, literally as you read this, you have all the tools to decide right now that you want to do what you want to do, you want to live life. So whats stopping you? I promise you if you list out everything that’s stopping you, did it anyway, then looked back at your list in a years time after doing everything that makes you smile you will laugh at that list.

What you have in your mind now is a million miles away from what will be in your mind in years to come. So do it, you don’t have to be brave if you cant be, but you can care less. The care less door leads to the same room as the bravery door anyway. Do it.



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