Confessions of Cruise Ship Crew Member

I’m new to blogging, recently for the first time one of my blogs has been shared on a few other websites which has been cool. The post was about what really happens on cruise ships. Having seen this post become popular I thought “why not, why not release the whole truth”. So here goes.

Some of these stories are first hand accounts and some are stories that I’ve heard from other crew members. 

Let’s start with the drinking, my last post was mainly about the insane amount of booze consumed by crew on the ships. Now generally the main issue with this is the fact that we all had emergency duties on board. If even one crew member isn’t at their station in an emergency the worst can happen. Imagine 300-400 crew members out of 1500 at their station smashed. Too drunk to see. I won’t talk about this too much as I’ll end up just writing the same stuff as my last ship life blog. That said I don’t think I truly painted the right picture of drinking onboard. I fell down stairs, I was sick everywhere in corridors, I woke up in cabins I wasn’t meant to be in, I forgot everything and I went to work drunk. Not tipsy, not hungover but drunk, smelling of drink and slurring my words.

So what about others onboard when it comes to drinking? There are parties with free drinks for everyone, advertised are limits per person but in reality that’s not a thing. I worked behind the bar at a crew party and along with the other guys working with me nothing was counted, everyone had what they asked for. People would ask for one and get two. Engine rooms host karaoke nights, guest areas are cornered off for crew parties. Under 21s drink on board and get away with it, not by being sneaky, it’s just acceptable. I had friends who worked drunk, friends who started fights, friends underage drinking, friends throwing up nightly.

So after the drinking what’s next? The sex? So how this happens is at the start of every new cruise new guest get on the ship, with them comes some new crew members. So that night, the first night of the cruise, the crew are at the bar looking for the new guys. Sex is easy on a ship. Crew members married on land have threesomes at sea, I’ve had friends that have organised huge gangbangs. Lesbians fuck anything, straight guys on land end up in bed with two guys from Asia and not a word is said. Sex happens between friends, between colleagues and yes, the guests get involved. I wasn’t ever with a guest but my friends would fuck guests, all the time. The cruise ship industry are hot on this because they get in legal issues with rape allegations, cameras are put in guest corridors.

Girls will sleep with multiple guys in one night, not horrible girls either. Good looking girls are ready to sit on a face any night, for any reason. You can honestly walk to the bar, ask 5 girls to go down on you and 3 will say yes. Now if you are looking for a guy there’s no 3 out of 5. Any guy will do anything. In fact the guys are actually a little creepy on board. One of my friend was sent home one day with no reason why, she came back for a week a few months later then left again. Her boyfriend onboard left a similar time but unlike her he didn’t come back. Her boyfriend is now in jail on several counts of rape and assault. Another friend of mine busted her lip to a point it was hanging off, except I found out she didn’t bust it, a guy almost bit it off. 

So how about drugs? Yes there is a lot of cocaine onboard, some pills as well, but mainly it’s cocaine. When I first boarded I was told a story of these guys trying to get off in America, normal being a popular port for us crew, except these guys were caught trying to get off with 5 killos of cocaine. Which I always found crazy because the security did checks but not proper ones, we got pat down but I never trusted it. A lot of the time I left things in my pocket to see if they would ask, they felt it there but never once asked so see what was in my pockets.

My cabin mate did cocaine, so did a lot of my friends. The funny thing is my manager found out and wanted to do something about it, he was silenced by the cruise company who didn’t want to investigate. Why? The ship would of lost a third of it’s crew if sniffer dogs came on. A lot of my friends did pills too. The funniest thing about all this is the cruise company knows what goes on. A guy was blood tested and asked the doctor to “help him out” because “he knew the score”. We had a captain who was seen doing lines at a crew party. This went all the way up. Generally weed isn’t a huge thing onboard because you can smell it, that said it does exists. I’ve walked around in crew areas and smelt weed numerous times. I mean shit if I can smell it so can the rest of the crew, nothing happens. 

I have left literally one or two things out that it couldn’t write about, also I am sure I’ve forgotten a fair few examples but generally on ships anything goes for the crew, and I mean anything. Importantly I’ve heard many other rumours, but who cares, they may be true on not. The stories you’ve read are confirmed true by many accounts. 


In one night you can drink a litre of vodka, do a few lines, take a few pills, smoke some weed, sleep with anyone you want, then sleep with anyone else you want, you can start fights and you can throw everything back up and not a word will be said to you. The only thing stopping you is your body. If it doesn’t stop you you can do the same the very next night. Shiplife.


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