Road to your Better Life

In life we are surrounded by options, choices and decisions no? Even though they are all the same thing and nobody really knows if you make the right choice because there is no way of going back to compare the outcome of a different selection.

Take today for example, various choices have been made, what to eat for breakfast and what to wear to work. But who cares? Ultimately who really has any care about these things? No one! And that is the absolute beauty of life. It’s not a bad thing, it’s the most wonderful realisation ever. Trust me!

So today stop worrying and do what will make you smile, after all that’s the only thing that matters isn’t it? Doing something that’s fun and that you’ll enjoy?

Once I decided to quite my job and go work on a cruise ship, was it the right choice? Who fucking cares. It made me smile at the time and that choice continued to put a smile on my face, until it didn’t so I made another one. I now no longer work on cruise ship but my god was it a lot of fun! I recently met a man who asked if I did things with a smile. I said I did but what a great way to look at the world. If you don’t drive to work smiling then find another job, if you don’t drive home smiling find another home.

Life is too short to throw away doing things you don’t really want to do. I’ve come to that realisation at the age of 26, and it is a realisation, we all know the phrase “life’s too short” but you have to come to hit something in your brain at some point to actually start living by it. Anyway, I was 26 and now I’m 27. I’m now married, I’ve worked on a cruise ship, I’ve travelled to 28 countries and countless cities, as I write this I’m up a mountain. Because I decided to do things that make me smile.

Do something today that makes you smile, and then stop to consider what life would be like if you only make choices that result in you smiling. Seems like a pretty awesome place doesn’t it? Start smiling today🙂


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