Funny things about the USA

I’ve been travelling the states for a while now, I think it’s important to pass on some of the funniest things about the country. By the way I have seen some great things here already and I have fallen in love with the people here. It’s just that not a day goes by that I don’t laugh at something ridiculous.

Also to anyone wanting to travel I have so far been to just thirteen states but each one really does have some amazing places to see, even if you can only come for a short time it’s well worth it I assure you.

So let’s kick this off with first real funny thing about the states. In some counties in some states you can’t buy beer or spirits after a certain time, or even at all on a Sunday. So if you want to buy your favourite beer after 8pm on a Thursday you may be completely out of luck depending where you are. That said you can freely go buy a gun then I guess rob a store. Guns you can buy with far greater ease. Cliche but I couldn’t not write about the gun laws could I. 

At Thanksgiving they have sweet potatoes, that’s reasonable isn’t it? Except they call them yams even though they aren’t. Oh and also they put marsh mellows on those so called yams. Right there in the middle of their Thanksgiving lunch next to the turkey and green they have marsh mellows. Do you want to know the worst thing about that? It’s actually stupidly good which pains me to say.

The road laws are fine here but the people drive like dicks, I’ve asked people why this is, the response is as follows “it’s all about dominance, it’s about being the biggest and best on the roads”. It sounds really insignificant but this has almost caused me to be is several road accidents, on top of that you see crashes all the time, the frequency is hard to comprehend.

On the subject of driving, it’s deemed okay in the states to drink and drive. Most people I have met, and I really do mean most have a conviction for drink driving, even then though they still choose to do it. The funny thing is speeding seems really rare. Like it’s okay to be blind smashed up drunk and get behind the wheel but don’t go 5 miles over the speed limit.

There is a fast food chain in any given direction about 30 yards from wherever you may be stood in the states. I know it’s talked about and we all know fast food is a big thing here but it’s not until you are here do you really understand.

My last one is my favourite, when you are from another country and meet an American they really want to ask you what the world thinks about their country. They really do think the rest of the world talks about them day in day out. They are a proud nation and truly believe the rest of us are longing to be like them, funny no? It’s hard to break it to them that the rest of the world views the states as a bit of an exciting experiment gone wrong so it’s easier to just mention a few things we all think and they know we think. 

I love the America people, they are the exaggerated version of everything, I’ve not met kinder happier caring people. My hat goes off to the people and the country. I couldn’t stay here longer than I have to but I’ll always enjoy every second here.

Here’s a picture of my first baseball game, The Rangers, they lost.


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  1. Kathy says:

    There is nothing like travel. Everywhere you go there is a different atmosphere, different people. We have seen a lot of the U.S. It was fun seeing New York when I was 24 – after hearing about it for so long. Glad to hear you’re traveling the U.S.


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