Risks of Workaway.Info

Many of you may of heard of a website called workaway.info, let me tell you that I love it. Have just stumbled across the site back when I was in Portugal I wanted to spend my life using it. If you don’t know it you can essentially trade around 20-25 hours work a week for food and accommodation. Amazing yea?

My first one was incredible. Fixing windows in Portugal for a few weeks in the sun. Sounds good yea? So why wouldn’t I do another when offered some farm work with my girlfriend in Ibiza?

Things started to fall apart quickly. For one I sent the hosts and email saying our flight was delayed 15 minutes. We would now be landing at 9:30 pm.  We landed, I switched my phone on to an email reply telling me that’s too late. I mean what? It’s changed by 15 minutes. I was understanding and said we would save time by getting a taxi instead of a bus. 

Anyway so we arrived and the address given. Turned out to be a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. I went and found the nearest house which of course had no lights on but did have a loose dog barking at me. I wasn’t going in there more than once. So I ran in, dodging the dog, and knocked on the door. Obviously no answer. I went back to find my girlfriend sat in the dark wanting to leave. I was ready to do one to but where would we go? We were in the middle of nowhere with zero battery on our phones. I suggested sleeping in a near by barn which went down very badly. But then saved as a car appeared and asked us what we were doing. They pointed us in the direction of where we were going. A good 400 metres up the track. Well of course!

After a brief conversation we learnt of our accommodation. Pictures below.

And trust me these pictures don’t do it justice.
As a Brit and a Texan we should some grit and got to work the next day. The work was on a farm. That’s fine. As expected. But also expected was food. This is when you learn that the site doesn’t say they have to feed you a great deal. We went 4 days without an evening meal. Many days without breakfast.

So today, after 7 days, we left. Telling the Scottish land owner that ofter working 30 hours each in exchange for no food and a house only fit for rats wasn’t in the spirit of work aways. The lesson is to clarify everything before you agree to go somewhere. Especially if it’s an Island!!


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  1. I’m planning to work away sometime in the future, it’s good to read some bad experiences so i can also learn from mistakes others made. thanks for posting this


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