Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

First of all my god go! If you have it in your to do list put it to the top. This is the most beautiful place I have ever been by quite some distance.

Let’s start at the beginning. To get there a bus from Zagreb is really cheap and only costs around 10 bucks. It’ll take a couple hours but you’ll get a comfy bus. Be warned they will charge you to put luggage in the hold though. Accommodation is so cheap too. We stayed for three nights in a huge bungalow all to ourselves for just €90. Great value alone but especially if there’s a group of you. We stayed at House Katja, the owners were great so happy to recommend.

Okay so this natural beauty.

When you arrive you’ll be at entrance one or two. It doesn’t matter which one. The cost is around 180 Kuna. Now this is up to you. You can have a moral standing and pay, or you can easily enter for free. No one will check your ticket. There are no barriers or anything like that, we paid but I really did wonder why.

You want to go ahead and pick trial H. It’s the one that’ll show you everything but misses out the cap from trial K that’s around two hours extra. All you do now is follow the path around and honestly you will be wowed.

The immediate downside you’ll notice is how crazy busy the park is. It won’t bother you too much after a while but you’ll see my pictures and I’m sure others on Google and think what an amazing place and truly it is. However like all amazing places these days you you aren’t the only one to want to see it.

Above all the water quality is outstanding. You’ll talk about it for hours and desperately try to get good pictures of it. But you will never fully capture just how clear the water is. You will be able to see hundreds of fish and it’ll look like they are just below a thin sheet of glass. What you can’t do is feed them though, or for that matter swim with them. I managed to just about get a picture that shows off the water just a little but as with all pictures it doesn’t do any justice at all.

Again. Get to Plitvice Lakes. It really is a must see! There is something here for everyone. The walking is pretty easy and you’ll have just a little bit more faith in the beauty of this world. It’ll make you want to find more.. so on that note I’m off to Venice.


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  1. Bipasha says:

    Absolute wonderland, I loved this place!


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