Not Much In Trieste, Italy

We had a few hours to kill today in Trieste, Italy so we had a wonder to see what we could find. 

For those of you who don’t know Trieste is in Northern Italy on the coast right next to Slovenia to the East.

The town is actually incredibly pretty. The buildings and sights don’t disappoint the high standard set by the rest of Italy. It is a harbour town so if you enjoy some food while watching the boats you’re in luck.

If you want to actually do stuff you’ll struggle. If you aren’t here for quiet walks along the sea front or some great Italian food then you’ll be pretty bored.if however you are passing through take a look. I get the feeling it gets ignored by your usual tourist wanting to see the Italian highlights so you do feel like the entire place is extremely traditional. 

We are on our way to Venice. Just a short coach ride for a few euros each. Can’t beat that price to see Venice can you? Enjoy Trieste if you ever get to go.


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  1. Ishita says:

    On the contrary I really enjoyed. There are many museums and historic cafes. Of course the Miramare castle. Lot of day trips to Croatia and Slovenia too.


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