Life Solving Solutions

​Are you struggling with life and not sure why? Do you have stresses or worries? Maybe you have confidence or self esteem issues. Well here let me help you with that for free.

Whatever you are struggling with go find a load of paper and a pen. Sit yourself in a quiet area that you feel comfy in and be alone. Then start writing. No order needed or any sense or organisation, we are talking about a bit of a brain dump. You can throw in lists, bullet points, diagrams. All sorts. 

Now the important thing here is don’t stop until you have nothing left to write. You can start with things that are maybe good in your life. The people who love you for example. Or the things you have achieved. Keep going with the positive stuff, maybe you have potential plans that you are looking forward to. 

When it comes to the negative stuff, and there will be some, link it into the positive. For example maybe you have a problem you can’t solve, that’s okay just write down other problems you had that you did solve. You’ll eventually feel more confident about success. Or maybe confidence is the issue?  Well start writing! Write about times you have had confidence in life and how that felt.

Like I said keep going until you have nothing left to write. Then read it. You don’t need to keep it forever but read it and look at it. Take it all in assess it. Things will begin to look brighter I promise. I have used this technique three or four times in the last 7 years and it has worked wonders.


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