Prague Zoo

​I have spent my first day in Prague, another night trying to sleep at an airport with a very strange Czech man rapping my girlfriend in his clothes. Anyway, at 6am we decided to go to the Zoo for the day because we couldn’t check in to our hostel until 2am and for whatever reason I had this image of being able to stroke a Tiger, because of course it wouldn’t have the same safety rules as the uk!

The Zoo was a bit of a walk from where the underground tells you to get off but it’s not that bad, I would say 20 minutes. It’s a nice walk if you haven’t got your entire life on your back weighing you down. There are locker facilities though free of charge which were great.

Right now to be clear from the outset this was honest to god the best zoo I have ever been to. Mainly because it has animals I’ve never even seen. In the uk you could go to any Zoo and see the same shit, the same standard stuff. But here while you could get all that you can find plenty more! I’m talking salamanders the size of crocodiles, wallaroos which could only be a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby (who knew they existed?) and endless birds, not the shit normal ones, the real freaky bastards.

It’ll take you at least 6 hours to walk the park. It’s huge, we were going for about 4 hours thinking we had seen everything until we looked at the map and figured out that we were a whole two continents short. It’s also hilly so be ready for a day that’ll put you to sleep in the afternoon. Kids may struggle a little bit but there’s so much for them to do at every turn you’ll easily keep them entertained.

For what worked out to ten bucks this is an absolute must. I couldn’t be more impressed with this place. I mean they had mountain goats on the side of a cliff. It was crazy to see a real exhibit for these incredible animals. The food was also incredibly affordable and for the first time ever I saw a Tiger swim. You know when a Tiger enclosure has water but the damn thing never takes a dip. Well this fella did and it was so incredible.

Go to Prague Zoo!!



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