Prague, Vienna, Budapest

I have just come to the end of just 6 days visiting these amazing cities. First of all it really is something everyone should do!  It’s really very cheap and full of great experiences.

We landed in Prague with no where to go until we could check into our hostel. So where do we spend the day? The Zoo of course because they had lockers for our stuff and it was only a few bucks. I have to say it was the best Zoo I have ever been to and I have been to a few. It was huge, we ended up deciding on animals not to see because we honestly couldn’t see everything in a day. A few highlights were the Tigers,  an exhibition for mountain goats which was a cliff edge and a huge salamander bigger than an alligator.

Our hostel here was amazing, had everything that we could want. Our first night was spent getting some cheap food and a few cheap drinks. The next day we toured the old town. We did a free tour which of course ended in a much deserved tip for the tour guy. It’s only when you are given a bit of information about these places do you truly appreciate it. A few highlights here were of course the Charles Bridge and a great view of Prague Castle. That night we had an incredible night our bar hoping. Cheap drinks are the order of the day in Prague and the night life is incredible.

Before we fully fall in love with Prague we have to get going to Vienna. The first thing that’ll hit you in this transit is the cost difference. Vienna seemed to be at least 4 times the price of anything in Prague and frankly it wasn’t worth it. We did secretly wish we had picked somewhere else but here we were in Austria determined to make the most of it. Our first night was spent in a dive bar underneath a train track, it was pretty cool but again very expensive. €10 will get you two drinks.

During the next day we went straight to the centre for a wonder around, I will be honest the buildings were like nothing I have ever seen before. Huge and majestic, every building in site. If architecture is your thing have a look at Vienna, if you haven’t already. We spent a few hours in the Natural History Museam, wouldn’t recommend it. Some amazing things to see but has zero interaction which is very strange in this day and age.

Having not had a great time in Vienna that night we just got some food and went to bed, excited for Budapest the next day. Our transit from Vienna to Budapest was a nightmare but that was no ones fault and what happened to us will never happen to anyone ever, so it’s not worth mentioning. Arriving in Budapest we were treated with cheap food again. Boom, back where I belong!

Our first night was a chilled one. We were just pleased to be away from Vienna. We went to a supermarket to get some stuff for the hostel. Had two full bags for maybe ten bucks. Bargain. The next day we visited a market, no clue what it was called and I’m not looking it up because it was no different to any other market even though it was ranked highly on trip advisor. We then went to the hot spring baths. There are loads of these throughout Budapest, a little overrated but someone you’ll find yourself doing because you have to!

We hit another free tour which was much the same as Prague, again well worth doing. And then for a night out. A good one too even though we felt a little old walking home at about 2am. Budapest is a great night out, you can find “ruin bars” which are bars in the abandoned Jewish quarter. Well worth a look just to see something a little different.

A week wasn’t long enough. It does feel like you are traveling too much and don’t have the energy to enjoy the cities to the full extent but hey I can always come back right? Tomorrow is Croatia. Wish me luck with my 6am coach.


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  1. worldwidewanderingblog says:

    I loved Budapest too ( if you’re interested in my experience). Prague is great too. I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to Vienna so will bare your comments in mind! Enjoy Croatia, it’s amazing.


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