Have No Regrets

I think one of the most important things in life is to make sure you have no regrets. Do you currently have any? Have a think because everything you have done has lead to where you are now and who you are, would you change that?

We all know that saying of you regret the stuff you didn’t do rather than what you do do. I think we can all believe it too but few of us actually action anything at all. Often we will put things off until tomorrow or next week or until we have money. We need to stop this process pretty fast because our life is running out, grim but it’s true.

Have you ever seen the film “The Yes Man”? If you haven’t it’s based on the premiss that you should be saying “Yes” to everything. It’s a great film, but also the concept is perfect. The film illustrates the benefits to saying yes. The main character had had a divorce and shut himself away from the world. He then gets dragged to a conference about saying yes to everything. He starts this and his life instantly improves. My advice is watch this film, and take a few hints from the film. You don’t have to say yes to everything of course but a few things, it’ll make instant changes to your life.

Imagine us as old people, no old person in the world has ever been happy about not doing enough. Don’t have any regrets, it’s not worth it. Do things, get out, meet people, see new things and experience new things. Our life is so important and you are important to this world. You are doing this world an injustice if you have regrets because you are not truly giving everything.

If there is any possibility you fear you may regret doing or not doing something make sure that that reality never happens.


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