Get to Budapest!

It turns out everyone going to Budapest at the moment has got it spot one. What a place.

It feels a bit run down but also everything is so cheap. We got off out coach here, which by the way was a nightmare but that can be blamed on Austria, and got a huge slice of pizza for what turned out to be 40p or around 50cents. I mean for that reason alone you have to visit.

My girlfriend is a new age hipster so we of course have to visit some dive bars. Well it appears that dive bars here are actually in the ruin sector, what used to be the Jewish quarter. The drinks here are cheap too which again is a huge factor for reasons to spend a few days here.

We have just come back from the supermarket after buying a few things for the hostel, juices, water, fruit and the usual stuff. We figured we had spent around 20 bucks. Nope! Actually we totaled a huge $8. This place is rapidly becoming one of my favourite spots on the planet.

The beauty of Budapest is incredible, you will fall in love with the place. The history is amazing, I spend half my time on my phone looking up buildings we happen to stumble across. My girlfriend thinks I’m on Pokemon Go, I swear to god I’m looking up historic events. Unlike so many other cities that have such architectural beauty you don’t have to spend excesive amounts. We all know what happens when you go to London or Paris or Rome. Give them a miss, get yourself to Budapest.

There really aren’t many down sides here, we are a little late to go and get food but I assume there will be something available into the night. But tonight isn’t about that, it is about going to a ruined building that has a pop up bar and drinking spirits I’ve not had before.

Tomorrow we are going on a free walking tour and visiting the hot baths. Could I ask for more? I wonder why I didn’t start traveling much sooner in my life but I am glad I started and never want to stop. To all of you who haven’t started get yourself to Prague or Budapest. They won’t cost you your bank balance but they will provide a real insight into what this world has to offer.

Most importantly have fun, after all fun is what matters.


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