The Reason I Travel

At the moment I pretty much travel exclusively. Can I afford to? Nope! Do I go to new places for a specific reason? No, generally just because I haven’t been there before.

I travel because I can. Because anyone can. I spent years in a stressful job working my way up the corporate ladder to earn money so I could guess what, travel! I only learnt last year that you don’t need loads of money to travel. You can start tomorrow with very little in your pocket.

I’m not going to give you loads of links to loads of places, just load up google and put in “free ways to travel”, I am sure hundreds of people have already blogged about it. When you take away the hurdle of money you can’t help but think “well why wouldn’t I?”. As long as you don’t have commitments such as kids or a mortgage you can start right now.

If you really think about it why wouldn’t you? What are you doing tomorrow? I’m getting a bus to Budapest for a few Euro. I am not bragging I am giving you an example of how some people choose to live their life and I am saying you can to.

Why wouldn’t you want to see the world? Why would you stay in one place all your life? If you could go to the moon tomorrow would you? I’m pretty sure that everyone would. So why is the rest of the world different? The planet has so much to offer, let’s enjoy it while we still can, before it is ruined. I promise you some places on earth have been destroyed fully by man, and so be it. I’m not a free loving hippy, I don’t believe I can stop the jugganaught of humanity but what I can do is see as much as possible before it’s too late.

The only thing you need to do is realise you can do what you want with your life. But how can you truly know what you want until you have seen everything. It’s like choosing a favourite ice cream having only tried vanilla and strawberry. How can we decide who we are without experiencing new things and meeting new people.

I travel because the world is beautiful and it needs to be seen. It needs to be explored. You can see the world, there is nothing stopping you. You can travel too, you don’t need any other reason other than “because you can”.


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