Austria hadn’t cracked it.

If you have seen my post about Prague you will know how impressed I was with the entire city. Well now I am in Vienna… Not so impressed.

First of all we are back in the world of the Euro sadly. So everything is so damn expensive. Gone are the beers for what seemed liked a few cent. I am now getting next to nothing back after ordering two beers and giving the smug bartender €10.

If you are planning a trip to Central Europe on a budget I would suggest giving Vienna a miss as you’ll blow a huge part of your budget here. From drink to food to your hostel or hotel. You’ll be annoyed about how much you are paying.

Now attractions, everything is very close which is great and some of the buildings are stunning. We went to the Museum of Natural History because I love those places. Again though a bit let down as there was no interaction. We all know learning is fun when it’s interactive, here we found old boxes with old things, sum standard.

You will notice though that the architecture is incredible. From building to building you will actually verbally say “wow” pretty frequently. It just seemed that ordinary buildings took years to build and have such great detail. I haven’t looked it up but I believe a lot of Vienna was carpet bombed in World War Two. It would add up as you’ll see classical building from the 17th, 18th or 19th century right next to a building clearly built 50 years ago.

The transport is fine and most people speak English. If you are really into history have a look at Vienna, if you are going for other reasons give it a miss.


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  1. Enjoyable read. You get right to the point in a concise fashion.


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