Society Has Crippled You

As a child you are taught to be good, no? Taught how to share and be friendly, smile for a camera and how to treat people nicely. Correct? Essentially taught how to be good.

Good, this is how we learn how to behave.

No one ever teaches us to be evil little bastards though do they? We are taught how to share but not how to snatch and steal, so why do we do it? It’s part of human nature. It comes naturally. We already know how.

So does that mean we are all born evil and learn how to be good? I suspect so but who cares? That’s not the point. The point here is things come naturally to humans but society (being broad on purpose) steps in and changes the way in which we behave. For better or for worse it’s exactly what happens.

If we can understand the simple example above we can translate that to pretty much anything. Especially play and having fun. A few years back I decided to sit down for hours and figure out what was important to me. I don’t mean hours in one go, I mean what likely totalled hundreds of hours across many weeks. Turns out the answer was fun, I read countless books and completed endless exercises 50 to 100 pages deep in a Google search, all to figure out I think fun is important. I look back now and think what an idiot, what a waste of time, it’s so obvious!! But at the time I guess it wasn’t.

I loved having fun as a child but gradually had less and less fun as an adult, well don’t we all? But why? It’s not human nature, it’s society telling us that because we are adults we have to pay bills and work for what feels like 90% of our week. That we need to learn and then use what we have learnt to earn money for things completely inessential to what comes natural. Child me would laugh at some of the pointless stuff I’ve done and stressed about and child me would of asked that all important question that only a child would ask in this situation, and that’s “why?”. And me from a few years ago before I figured things out would of replied “because that’s what adults do”.

Even writing that last bit has made me quite emotional because every day thousands of children are crippled with sentences like that one. “Because that’s what adults do”.

Before I get off track too much consider child you. At what age did you change? When did you stop playing and having fun? When did you stop treating this world as a playground? Because that day is a shit one. I promise you I have spoken to people about this very subject and some people remember that day. I personally don’t. However some do, they may of had rules put in place by their parents or teachers or something may of happened for them to completely change. I spoke to one person recently about this and not only did he manage to remember but once he did he instantly started crying.

It doesn’t matter if you can remember or not. But this process definitely happened for you, I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone. We all get told to act like adults. Like complete twats basically. Well let me tell you, child you and child me were absolutely correct in how they were behaving. Having fun, laughing, exploring, playing and running around seemingly for no reason whatsoever is what we need to be doing.

I learnt of this idea a few years ago and loved it instantly. I thought about child me and what child me would think, since then I have been true to child me. The only version of me that’s 100% me without the input of society! Let me tell you since then I have lost all stress, I laugh more, I have more friends, I have seen hundreds of places I am sure I wouldn’t of seen, I am more confident and outgoing. Essentially I have more fun.

Consider child you, be loyal to child you. It’s the version of you you can fully trust.



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