One Day In Prague

We spent the day in the Old Town of Prague. What a great day it was!

Firstly I really want to highlight the public transport. If you are put off going to major European Cities because of the buses, roads, trains or taxis there’s no need to worry in Prague. I really want to do a whole blog about how good it was but I mean who’s going to read that?

So getting to the Old Town is easy. From anywhere. Don’t even need to plan it.

Once you’ve found Old Town you’ll quickly realise that 80% of the stuff you wanted to see in Prague is there. Simple right? Now what you need to do is find the guys offering free tours. You’ll need to tip the guy who does it (who we will talk about in a minute) but it’s free. We saw most of what was included on the Tour already just walking around and almost skipped the Tour but decided to do it just incase. It was well worth it.

Prague and specifically Old Town really is one of those places that has so many incredible buildings with so much history you could probably sit and learn about each building for hours. The benefits of the Tour are obvious enough, the information provided. You will look at these places with amazement but it’s only when you learn about them will you truly understand the significance of each place you see.

So when you go to the Old Town Square for your free Tour you’ll see guys with yellow umbrellas. They are just down a small round from the square to the East. You’ll see them. Right now here is the important bit, go on the Tour with David, there’s three but you want Czech David. If you have to wait then so be it, get some food or something. He speaks with passion about his country which you won’t get from an Aussie or a Brit, much less an American.

So now you are on your Tour with your Tour guide, your day is shaping up to be a good one. You’ll begin to learn so much about the Czech history, I had an idea but it’s great to hear from someone who grew up in Prague, even before the country became the Czech Republic. David will keep you entertained the entire way, from this point on you are in his hands, consider yourself lucky.

Once you have finished your tour walk over Charles Bridge, not for any other reason that you have to do that because you are in Prague. Once across the other side you have two sites that you need to check off. The castle, we didn’t do the tour but I recommend it. We missed our chance to do it but I bet it was great. You also have Lennon Wall, which I didn’t think a great deal of but if you are either a hippy or a modern hipster like my girlfriend you’ll love it here.

Let me give you a couple links.

David can be found here:

The site for the best tours can be found here:

Enjoy Prague.


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