Working Abroad

I’ve just finished a months worth of work in Portugal, in a now very white villa just off the shores of Obidos Lagoon.

The best thing about this job was I had no idea I was going to be doing it until I found myself in Lisbon with no plans for another 4 weeks. Obidos is just up the coast and it looked amazing so I found some work fixing windows and painting walls with my girlfriend.

We found the job on WorkAway, put it into google. It’ll link you will loads of opportunities around the world. We’ve had our own part of the villa and free food for a month. No pay but that hasn’t bothered us, if we found jobs that paid we would of spent all that money on living costs anyway.

When we were looking for work it was so easy, there really are so many things you can be doing while you travel. I’m not going to link you to sources of information or lists of jobs because it’s not needed. Life finds a way my friend, if you let it and help it. Humans have this very real ability of being able to problem solve and adapt to a situation. Before finding ourselves in Lisbon we wouldn’t of been able to land this job. However once we were there we had no choice.

My point is if you want to go some where go! Let the details work themselves out. We go to Ibiza next month with nothing planned at all but I am 100% confident that we will return with more money that when we arrived! and it’s because I trust the human ability to sort shit out.

If you want to live and work abroad sometimes the best thing to do is just risk it and go, your not going to die. You’ll find some work, it may not be the perfect job but it’ll be a whole lot of fun finding something and starting from scratch. Plus I mean the perfect job? I’ve had them and they turn to shot pretty quickly, you’ve likely had that same experience.

Just go my friends, you can live and work abroad tomorrow.


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