Crew Bar

Well let me tell you about the infamous crew bar.

I don’t know if you have worked on ships or want to, but I can only assume you are keen on the idea because why else would you be reading this. Also I’m only writing about this as it really sums up how to have fun.

So the crew bar on a ship is different to any bar you will ever find anywhere. I am English and proud of our multicultural background and lifestyle. But I have never seen anything like a crew bar on the ships. You’ll have maybe 40-60 different nationalities at one bar. And the results of this? The most amount of fun you could ever have.

Yes everyone is smashed and even though they say this doesn’t happen a lot of the patrons of this incredible drinking establishment are off their tits on coke. But this isn’t the important thing. What matters here is you could spend half an hour doing shots with a group from Australia, dance with an American, have a deep conversation with a Swede and then go home with the most amazing Korean you have ever met.

Then in the morning you feel like shit but all you want to do is go and do it again, which you will indeed do but this time even though you are in the same place with the same people everything will be different.

I’ve seen men dressed as women, I’ve seen shoes being thrown across the bar, I’ve seen bottles being thrown at managers, people being sick, falling down stairs, dancing on chairs on table, push up contests, drinking contests, dance off between nations and people being sick then going straight back to the bar. And I promise you, this was all one night.

If you have any thought to go and work on a cruise ship and you like a drink do it just for the bar, if nothing else, do it for the bar.


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