A Guide To Meeting People

Someone once said, no clue who it was, if you can understand people you can rule the world. While that of course isn’t a literal comment it does have some foundation.

People are the key to enjoying this world, there is nothing more important than people. I have travelled to some incredible places, truly truly remarkable. I have earl so seen some shit holes. The most interesting thing about each one though is the impact the people you are with can make.

Put yourself a place that looks incredible to you, a mountain or a beach or city. Now put next to you an arse that you know. Maybe a boss or just some dick head. How shit does the place seem now. Right so do the opposite, picture somewhere a not so special, but put your best friend next to you. All of a sudden the not so special place isn’t so bad.

People are important!

So when meeting new people give them a chance, allow them to talk and get to know them. If you struggle to make new friends the best tip ever is simply take a genuine interest in someone new that you meet. It’s a simple as that. Don’t try to be anything other than yourself, in fact these days people really like the weird fuckers so don’t hide anything about yourself. Ask people questions and listen to their response.

You’ll read this and if you struggle you’ll think well it can’t be that easy. But it is, you can make friends the easy way. People can enhance your enjoyment in this world, they can make shit things feel like a lot of fun. They really are the key to enjoyment, so find people, any people, and talk to them. Because after all why not?

Take an interest in people and they will reward you with enjoyment.


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